As managing partner of a law firm in Durham, I have worked with Riverstone for many years - ever since it set up in fact.

I also knew Mark from the company he was with previously. We have referred clients to each other over the years where appropriate.

I know that people I send to Riverstone for their financial planning will always be well looked after. Mark really cares about each client and is very knowledgeable and personable.

I have a number of elderly clients, who are quite nervous and vulnerable. Mark is the ideal type of person to deal with them, as he is very reassuring and compassionate about their needs. Whatever the situation, I know it will be sensitively handled.

In terms of our involvement, we will help Riverstone’s clients make a will or set up a power of attorney.

The high level of service has been maintained with Mark’s brother, Ian, joining the business and Kirstie, the business manager ensures everything runs smoothly. I feel comfortable recommending clients to Riverstone as they have a similar attitude to us and like-minded approach.

To sum it all up, they’re a fantastic firm and I intend to continue our already strong relationship with them in the future.

Mr JD, Durham