I’ve known Ian for over thirty years as we were at university together.

My husband died three years ago after a long illness. He hadn’t worked work for about eight years so his pension had been quite neglected. I’d also been seriously ill and unable to work, which meant there were big gaps in my pension too. My priorities were, therefore, to keep the family in our home and have something to invest for the future.

I mentioned all this to Ian and he suggested Riverstone. I’ve been dealing with him now for about two and a half years and he’s been really good at helping me with the challenges I’ve faced.

He‘s reliable, trustworthy and a safe pair hands. Everything is totally confidential too - I know what I tell Ian won’t go anywhere. I also like the way he really listens and does ‘the right thing’ for me. With some financial advisers, I’ve felt they’re trying to push a certain product as they want their ‘cut’ but with Ian it’s not like that at all.

He’s made various recommendations in terms of pension plans for me and I’ve been really delighted with how they’ve done. He’s exceptionally thorough in researching all the possible options.

I’m now in full time employment again and am working towards being able to retire at some point so am focusing on building up my pension as much as possible. With the time gaps, there is a lot of ground to cover, but Ian is great at keeping me informed as to whether I’m on track.

As for the future, I can see myself staying with Riverstone for a long time as I fully trust them and have no reason to move.

Mrs SI, London