How we help you

Our investment philosophy is about more than returns – it’s about a great client experience that can really help people relax.

Through building up our own business, we understand only too well that life can often get in the way of planning for the future. That’s why we want to help you enjoy the life you aspire to and give you the space to focus on the things that really matter.

We aim to create a clear vision with you of the lifestyle you want to live, both now and in the future.

In every aspect of our financial planning, we focus on making complex concepts as simple as possible, so that you can understand exactly how your money will work for you. Whether you have general investment queries, are planning for retirement or are a business owner, we want to provide practical financial help.

An exploratory meeting is provided without cost. If both parties decide to go ahead, fees will depend on the nature and scale of the work involved and will always be discussed before any work is undertaken.

Whatever your financial situation, we use a tried and tested four stage process to help you reach your goals:

1. Getting to Know You

We start out by getting a clear picture of where you are today and where you’d like to be tomorrow. We’ll find out what makes you tick and what your priorities are. You have the chance to get to know us and make sure we’re the right type of advisers for you.

2. Preparing Your Financial Plan

If you decide to go ahead, we will look at what you already have and outline what is needed to get your financial house in order. A clearly defined financial plan will increase your chances of achieving your goal so we will work to help you to outline your objectives and set realistic milestones to help you get there. We also make sure that we take your risk profile into account to ensure our recommendations are in line with your aims and timescales.

3. Putting Your Plan in Place

As we put together your financial plan, we will select the investments and tax structures which are just right for you. We may recommend our evidence-based investment approach with its own portfolios as part of this proposal. This can involve cash-flow modelling which shows the potential impact of various decisions in those all-important ‘what if?’ scenarios. Many of our clients have said this has proved invaluable in helping them make crucial lifestyle choices, whether that’s looking forward to retirement, inheritance tax planning or making decisions about selling a business.

4. Making Sure You Remain On Course

It’s important to review progress and modify your plan over time because your circumstances will inevitably change as will the markets and legislation. By having regular reviews and ongoing conversations, we ensure that your plans stay on track to meet your long-term goals.